Dive into our digital review of The Greenway Foundation's (TGF) year to get a glimpse of the tangible environmental improvements we've had through community events and engineering projects, see how we brought students to river - or brought the river to them, and discover what hard-fought victories we won when it comes to protecting our rivers statewide. We have a lot to share, and we're excited for you to see how 2021 was a year for the books.

Revitalizing Rivers &
Reconnecting Communities

Jeff Shoemaker

A Message
for our Stakeholders



Over the course of this past year, everyone at The Greenway Foundation (TGF) has celebrated 2021 as the Year Of Return!!!


TGF’s SPREE School Year Excursions returned in an adapted format by bringing the SPREE Education Team to over 21 schools and engaging with over 2250 students during both the Spring and Fall Semesters.   SPREE Summer Camps returned in a modified format, all at Johnson Habitat Park, serving over 300 campers over the course of 10 weeks.


TGF’s focus on key water policy matters returned, providing better water quality and increased water quantity opportunities, including the evolution of the innovative trash collecting device known as “Nautilus”, a new focus involving the renamed Clean Water Challenge on reduction of E.coli and nutrient challenges affecting the South Platte River watershed, and the pursuit of funding for increased water storage and downstream releases through the Chatfield Reallocation Project.


TGF’s community and support based events returned after being on hiatus during 2020 including both of the Pacifico Reserve Spring and Fall Stewardship Days along with the Chevron Gala on the Bridge and Reception on the River events reconnecting over 1,500 River advocates to the South Platte River and its tributaries.


TGF’s longstanding focus on River revitalization projects returned including the Denver USACE projects impacting over 5 miles of the South Platte River as well as urban waterway visioning projects along the South Platte River in Adams County, the Fountain Creek watershed in Colorado Springs and the Purgatoire River in Trinidad.


These critical components of our five-decade mission to Revitalize Rivers and Reconnect Communities can only occur through the generosity countless supporters and donors from all sectors of our community:  public, private and philanthropic.  

We hope you will take some time to browse through the 2021 Greenway Current to learn more about TGF’s 47 year mission to champion these priceless natural resources.  The Greenway Foundation will forever be that champion!


With Regard and Gratitude;

      Kip Stastny             Jeff Shoemaker

     Board Chairman          Executive Director

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Our Proudest Moments from 2021

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4,500 gallons of trash

were removed from Denver parks and waterways

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1,356 students

were taught through SPREE programs and excursions

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The Greenway Foundation is incredibly grateful to all the funders that chose to support our work through grants, sponsorships, and donations in 2021. Despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic, they saw the continued importance and wide-ranging impact of our programs and projects. 

We were fortunate to have numerous grant funders, from our nearby neighbors at the Riverfront Park Community Foundation that can watch SPREE field trips from their windows to our not-so-nearby friends at the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program in Kearney, Nebraska that see the benefit of our work on the larger Platte River Basin. We are also grateful for our corporate partners in the community that support TGF through both sponsorships and grants or in-kind donations, such as Angi, Olsson, and Xcel Energy.


Our work is only possible through the generous support of those around us. To all our funders – individual donors, government agencies, foundations, businesses, and more – THANK YOU!!


Thank you to our Sponsors & Partners

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