The Fountain Creek Watershed Vision and Implementation Plan (FCWVIP)

By Christian Lieber, NES

The Fountain Creek Watershed Vision and Implementation Plan (FCWVIP) affords a unique and timely opportunity to build upon General William Palmerʼs vision for the City of Colorado Springs that was established more than a century ago. . The purpose of the FCWVIP is to develop a holistic vision and identify priority projects for the Fountain Creek Watershed within the Colorado Springs area. There is a specific focus on approximately 6 miles of the Monument and Fountain Creek corridors adjacent to Downtown Colorado Springs. This stretch of corridor is the symbolic heart of the Fountain Creek Watershed.

The goals of the project are: Restore Natural Functions of the Creeks, Create the Signature Place for Outdoor Water Play in our Community, Be a Catalyst for Reinvestment and Economic Vitality and Energize our Community and Deliver Authentic Placemaking.

The FCWVIP is sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies through a grant to The Greenway Foundation (TGF), the Denver-based non-profit organization that, since 1974, has focused on Revitalizing Rivers and Reconnecting Communities across the State of Colorado and beyond. The creation of the FCWVIP is co-led by TGF and N.E.S. Inc. (NES). In turn, the efforts of TGF and NES are supported by Wenk Associates, bringing nation-wide perspectives and big ideas to the project, ECI Site Construction Management Inc. providing cost estimating and implementation strategies and project funding strategies from Capitol Representatives. Overall project direction is provided by the Project Management Team of Dolly Wong Kast, Jan Martin, and Pam Shockley-Zalabak, representing Lyda Hill Philanthropies.

The Project Team is preparing in-depth, conceptual designs to illustrate a vision for five of the highest priority project sites including Drake and an overall illustrative vision for the creek corridor from the Old North End neighborhood south to the Shooks Run Neighborhood. Each priority project is undergoing costing estimates to guide implementation and public/private funding efforts.